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Welcome to Mail Distribution Center. (Printing, Lists & Mailing)
Direct Mail is what we do, Direct Mail Services is what we offer. If you are about to start a direct mail campaign, have invoices and/or statement, fliers or news letter you would like to send out, you have come to the right place. Mail Distribution Center (A Accurate Mail House) will help you from A-Z, we can help you with printing, target audience and of course the direct mail itself, we can help you with one of the steps or all of them. If it's your first time to do mailing, click how_does_direct mail work_ to get better understanding. At Mail Distribution Center, we strive to exceed your expectations, we understand that your growth is part of our growth. If you would like to start a postcard, news letter, magazine and/or media mailing, we can help you. We offer the best service and the best rates in the direct mail industry. Give us a call and you will quickly recognize that we stand out.

Postage Savings

Do you want to save on Postage? Read Below.
Do you want to send large amount of mail but you think postage is too expensive? Well, you don't have to pay full amount for postage. Our direct mail service helps companies like yours to get a large discount on postage. We do some of the post office work for much less, we pass the savings to your company, then we deliver the work to the post office to deliver it, this in simple words, is the work of a direct mail company. If you are looking to launch your marketing campaign or send your invoices to your clients, we can help you get a large amount of postage discount. Please contact us to know how.

Direct Mail is effective
For a little while people got excited about Email, so companies targeting potential customers went for E-Mail campaigns. Now, with so much sophistication in technology many of the E-mail campaigns ends up with the spam E-mails, as a result many companies are coming back to the probably one of the most effective ways to promote a business, that is direct mail, and we are here to help you with your projects. Direct mail works for us as a business, we see the result of our business when we ourselves advertise using direct mail. 

Mail Distribution Center
7832 Alabama Ave, Unit 13
Canoga Park, CA, 91304
Phone: 818-888-3434

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