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How does mailing work?

The term "bulk mail" refers to quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage rates. We use our established relationship at the post office to pass the savings onto you. The Postal Service offers discounts to customers doing bulk mailings because the mailer does some of the work for the Postal Service (for example, sorting the mail by ZIP Code).
We have permission from the Postal Service to use our mailing permit to mail at discounted rates. We pay the annual permit fee and we use the most advanced software programs. We ensure that your addresses are accurate and we help you make smart choices about the size, shape, and weight of your mail piece to maximize your postage savings.
There are many advantages of using bulk mail. The most important is that bulk mail postage prices are significantly lower than single-piece prices. For example, it costs $0.44 cents to mail a regular letter, but using our permit for bulk mail, we can mail it for $0.27. That's a saving of $0.17 cents on postage alone on each piece. Even after our small fee, your overall postage costs would still be below the regular postage costs.
Our letter shop specializes in preparing bulk mailings for customers. We can do it all for you -- everything from printing your mail piece to dropping it off at the post office.
Call us to help you save big $$$$ on your postage costs.

Bulk mail process

When you decide to save money on you direct mail promotion/service. Contact us and we will help you with every step:

  1. Decide on class of mail (1st class, 1st Class Presort, Bulk..etc)

  2. Create Your mail piece

  3. Get an address list. If you have one already great, if you don’t will help you get one that meets your needs.

  4. Check the accuracy of your address list (NCOA)

  5. Prepare your mail

  6. Address your mail

  7. Choose a postage payment method

  8. Prepare CASS report, and paper work

  9. Deliver the job to USPS

Mail Distribution Center
7832 Alabama Ave, Unit 13
Canoga Park, CA, 91304
Phone: 818-888-3434

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